"HUANGHE"is the name of China's mother river. As a name for motorcycle, "HUANGHE" was originated from 1970s, with a history of more than 30 years. Huanghe people developed the first motorcycle in China. It takes a very important position in Chinese motorcycle market, resulting from the excellent R&D ability and HUANGHE people's. In 2012, Huanghe obtained the national first-level catalogue qualification and was included in the national announcement management, which brings a new page for Huanghe people.

CAOFEN is a newly-developed brand from Chongqing Huanghe motorcycle CO.LTD,which are specialized in naming for electric motorcycles. CAOFEN electric motorcycle, which combines the technology and experience of CAOFEN team in alloy material application research, core component manufacturing and integrated electric drive for many years. The top engineering team is designing and developing new models day after night and will show the series products one by one. Caofen team will bring not only Offroad E-motorcycle, Street E-motorcycle, Patrol E-motorcycle ,but also Snowmobile E-motorcycle, which will bring excellent various experience for users.

CaofenF80 is the first commuter model among CAOFEN series electric motorcycles,which adopts first leading technology of integrated frame and submerged oil cooling battery system. It will give you the experience of High technology and Trust.

Caofen factory is your desired SAFE electric motocross manufacturer, welcome friends from all over the world to join and enjoy together.


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